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Research Cluster for Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics, Microsystems Engineering and Materials Science (NEMO)

NEMO: normal operation with limitations

Published: 12 Apr 2024 by HPC Team Freiburg

After maintenance, we noticed problems with Omni-Path communication on the GPU node. We were unable to resolve them. We have decided to run the machine with 10Gbit/s Ethernet only for the time being. This only affects jobs computed on the GPU machine with the 8x V100 Nvidia cards.


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The state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg offers many HPC resources in the state. For example the bwHPC clusters (bwForClusters, bwUniCluster) at the entry level are available for researchers and students from the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

bwForCluster NEMO

The bwForClusters are for researchers in selected research fields. The bwForCluster NEMO in Freiburg is available for researchers of the scientific communities: Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics, Microsystems Engineering and Material Science.

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FIDO2 and TOTP Token as a Second Factor for bwHPC and NEMO2

The use of a second factor to secure logins to services is becoming increasingly mandatory. bwHPC currently uses time-based one-time passwords (TOTP) or Yubico OTP as a second factor for SSH logins. We have looked at some hardware security tokens for bwIDM/bwHPC that can be used instead of a mobile phone.

News on NEMO2 Procurement

The initial partition of NEMO2, consisting of around 140 Milan nodes and 1000 terabytes (one petabyte) of high-speed storage space, has been ordered. A tender for a GPU partition and a second CPU partition will be opened in early 2024.

Enforcing Two-factor Authentication on NEMO

We will enforce two-factor authentication for NEMO logins in November. Currently, this security feature can be tested on our vis1/2 visualization nodes.