bwForCluster NEMO

Research Cluster for Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics, Microsystems Engineering and Materials Science (NEMO)

Since September 15, only ~70% of the NEMO cluster is available (625 nodes).

Published: 28 Sep 2022 by HPC Team

We have received instructions from the University of Freiburg to save 30% of the power consumption. To achieve this, we have shut down about 30% of the NEMO nodes. Currently, about 625 nodes are available (~70% of all available nodes).
Update 05.10.2022: You can check the usage of your group with nemorvusage.


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The state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg offers many HPC resources in the state. For example the bwHPC clusters (bwForClusters, bwUniCluster) at the entry level are available for researchers and students from the state of Baden-W├╝rttemberg.

bwForCluster NEMO

The bwForClusters are for researchers in selected research fields. The bwForCluster NEMO in Freiburg is available for researchers of the scientific communities: Neuroscience, Elementary Particle Physics, Microsystems Engineering and Material Science.

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The 8th bwHPC Symposium will take place on November 28, 2022 and will be hosted at the High-Performance Computing Center of the University of Stuttgart (HLRS).
UPDATE 11.07.2022: Registration is now open.

bwHPC Courses at KIT

The SCC at KIT will host introductory and intermediate courses for bwHPC on 07.04.2022 and 13.04.2022.

NEMO Filesystem Quota

In the past we often had questions about the quota of the HOME directory and the workspaces. Since this is not easy to find out for HOME, we have created a small script that shows the quota for HOME and the workspaces.