bwUniCluster Support

This support information is for ...

... all the researchers in the state of Baden-Württemberg who (want to) use the bwUniCluster.

What to do first

Please search the relevant information on the web pages first:

  • See general support information.
  • Check this section and corresponding links.

When contacting the bwUniCluster support

Besides the general information please try to describe your problem/question as detailed as possible. The following steps should be considered first.

  • If you start using bwUniCluster, please consider testing your job interactively first.
  • You can always use the development queues to test if your job is running.
  • Please debug your jobs first (see Wiki for more info on that). If you don’t understand the output, please attach it to the support ticket.
  • When using the central ticket system, it is important to either select the correct support unit or even better always name the cluster you have a question about or you are experiencing the problem with.

After you have gathered all the information, please create a ticket at the central ticket system.