NEMO Support

This support information is for ...

... all the researchers in the state of Baden-Württemberg who (want to) use the bwForCluster NEMO.

What to do first

Please search the relevant information on the web pages first:

  • See general support information.
  • Check this section and corresponding links.
  • Is there a FAQ which already addresses your question. NOT IMPLEMENTED YET!

When contacting the NEMO support

Besides the general information please try to describe your problem/question as detailled as possible. The following steps should be considered first.

  • If you start using NEMO, please consider testing your job interactively first msub -I [...].
  • You can always use the express queue to test if your job is running (15 min max) msub -q express [...].
    • The job will be killed automatically after 15 min, if it runs longer. But that way you’ll see if everything works as expected so far.
  • Please debug your jobs with checkjob -v -v first. If you don’t understand the output, please attach it to the e-mail addressed to out ticket system.
  • If your job doesn’t start see checkjob -v -v, showq -b -v, showq -i and showmyidlejobs for reasons.
  • You can access the nodes where your jobs are running through ssh. That way you can monitor them while they are running. The nodes can be found in the output of e.g. checkjob (see Wiki).

After you have gathered all the information, please write an e-mail to our ticket system: